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Browser Form Elements PSD

This is along the same lines as our iPhone PSD. Everyone here in our office seems to get these form elements and browser windows from different sources, some of them are good, most are out of date.

Preview 5: Progess video of Image Spark

We're still a few weeks away from opening image Spark up for private beta but it's coming along great. Instead of just showing screenshots I thought this time we'd share a short video.

iPhone Page Flipping

Paul Watson posted a nice solution to quickly browse home screen layouts or safari windows on the iPhone. Check it out

Preview 4: Uploading to Image Spark

We continue to make excellent progress on the development front of Image Spark, though it's still too early to give an actual release date. However, what we can provide you with is look into how you'll upload images to it.

iPhone GUI PSD update 1.3

Back on Aug 19 we posted up a Photoshop file of the iPhone interface. The response to the post has been overwhelming - we're incredibly grateful for all the feedback and thanks.

Preview 3: Image Spark Moodboards

So far, the response to Image Spark has been really positive (even though we haven't revealed a whole lot). So we think it's time to show a little more.

Preview 2: An introduction to Image Spark

Today we're going to start revealing some details about our upcoming product, Image Spark. We'd describe it as a creative resource pool that helps you collect and find great examples of design.

Preview 1: Image Spark

Over the next few weeks we'll be posting details and screenshots of an upcoming product we're building called Image Spark. In the mean time, you can get on the mailing list at the preview site.

New Teehan+Lax site is up

Yesterday we launched our new site. Aside from redesigning pages, creating a new reel and updating content, we've also added a labs section.

iPhone GUI PSD

Over the past few months we've had to create a few iPhone mock ups for presentations. The problem we've encountered is the lack of resources to help us design something efficiently.

Guerrilla Usability Testing

The team at Clearleft launched a new application called Silverback. Essentially, it's user testing software that allows you to capture screen actions as well as audio and video of participants.


A Swedish artist named Erik Nordenenkar claimed he wanted to create the Biggest Drawing in the World by shipping a briefcase along a certain trajectory and tracking it by GPS. Very cool idea, but a hoax.