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Presidents & CEOs: Become a new customer every year

For several years we've said that a "company's CEO has the greatest impact" on customer experience. We've said that when a CEO is the most demanding customer of their own product, it shows.

Teehan+Lax grows by five, expands partnership

Teehan+Lax is proud to announce the hiring of four Associates and a new Partner. Jeremy Bell, Partner Jonas Naimark, Associate Dave Bobak, Associate Nelson Leung, Associate Kimberlee Banks, Associate These new hires have been a long time in the making and I could not be happier about the group we've been able to recruit, said Jon Lax.

Table Manners

Many of our platform projects require the redesign of large amounts of tabular data. Sometimes the goal is to scan, sort and find a value.

Gibson site totally shreds

A friend sent me an article from the Gibson site and I was blown away. It's a great product site which organizes a lot of information really well and actually compiles all their microsites in one place (sounds like a no-brainer, but it doesn't happen nearly often enough).

Canada Post hits the post

A friend of mine noticed something on the Canada Post site. Go looking for a lost package, you'll end up on this page: When I clicked the "Lost item" link, I ended up here: Oh, the irony!

More kudos for TELUS Gift Guide

We've just been notified that the 2007 TELUS Gift Guide has been selected as the official Adobe Site of the Day for Tuesday, December 11. Check it out here. Thanks to Adobe for the honour, and to TELUS for the continued opportunity to do great work.

Gift Guide Love

We're getting some nice feedback for the 2007 TELUS Gift Guide. We just got the nod as a site of the week at Cool Homepages, plus a mention from, um...well, we're not exactly sure, but we really appreciate the link.

UX Fund Matures, Up 39.3%

It's been a year since the inception of the UX Fund. Today we'll look at the results and compare the fund against the indices and some of the individual holdings competitors.

The Next Page in Pagination

One of the only UI elements in the past that allowed users to traverse multiple pages of results was pagination. There are few databases any of us interact that don't use those "next" or "previous" links: Google, gmail, flickr, etc.

5 Years Later

5 years ago this month Jon and I sat down to discuss the future of our careers in this industry. It was a transitional period for us, we had both become unemployed due to an all-to-common-for-the-time office shut down.

Cannes: Quick Update

The past six or seven days have bled into one-another. This evening we finished awarding the finalists.

Cannes: Day 2

I got knee deep in the work today, and am needless to say, exhausted. I saw a few really great pieces in the games and integrated campaign categories - maybe even some gold.