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Interaction ’09: Recap

This past weekend I attended IxDA's Interaction 09 conference in beautiful Vancouver, BC. The event, in it's second year, brought together creative thinkers, educators and corporate decision makers from across the world to share ideas, inspiration and future visions on Interaction Design.

Look Ma, No Forms!

I've noticed a few new services that have replaced the traditional registration form (email/password) with email as an alternative sign-up method. TripIt, a travel service that creates a single, readable online itinerary from your flight, hotel or rental confirmation is the first site I noticed doing this.

Change has come to

Following the inauguration, has been updated to reflect the Obama administration's promise to use interactive media to make government more open and accessible. I'm assuming the Presidential Pets section will get a good amount of traffic too.

The User Is Always Right: Usability Testing

I'm a third of the way through Steve Mulder and Ziv Yaar's insightful guide to to creating personas, The User is Always Right. As part of that process the authors provide concrete examples and rules for conducting user research for the initial phase of design for web.

Obama’s Real Marketers

Beating Apple by almost a 10 point margin, Advertising Age has named Obama for America Marketer of the Year 2008. But there's more than well-executed marketing behind the campaign's success.

Not Feeling It: TimesPeople

I'm not sold on new feature, TimesPeople, a social tool designed to share your activity - reading, rating, commenting - with other NYT members. If you're a recent reader of NYT, you've probably noticed a floating bar appear above the content that prompts you to sign up for it.

Design with perspective

ALA's Indi Young writes about stepping out of your problem-solver shoes and into the actual shoes of your problem-facer. Thinking from the potential customer's perspective is a Zen-like exercise.

Industrial Design Check-In

Industrial product design can be a frustrating thing. Tens of years and millions of dollars can go to waste in a failed concept or prototype.

Designer Watch: Ian Wharton

22 year-old (!) Ian Wharton is certainly a talent to admire/inspire. His slick portfolio contains clean, imaginative, award-winning designs that have definitely caught our eye.

Kickin’ It

Checking out work from LA-based, fluidesign, I came across TripKick, a site that identifies a hotel's best rooms in a clean-as-soap experience. Pretty handy when you want to know if Room 112 is really where the players dwell.

The 10 Commandments of Web Design

No surprise this list in BusinessWeek is spot on; It was driven by feedback from heavyweights Khoi Vinh, John Maeda and Don Norman.

Size Does Matter

Design Director for, Khoi Vinh, speaks his mind on why small, focused design shops produce better work than their larger counterparts. Well we couldn't agree more, Khoi.