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Public shaming of

How is it that in a time where everything is so connected and information is passed at such lightning speeds, people continue to steal, rip and defraud other members of the design community? As if somehow they'll be able to get away with it.

Microsoft Surface Arrives!

After months and months waiting in extreme anticipation for one of Canada's first deliveries of Microsoft's latest craze-magnet the Surface table arrived today! 25 photos... Photos by Anotherfaceinthecrowd

Adobe Creative Suite 4

Available for pre-order today the new Adobe Creative Suite boasts a ton of new features across all platforms, however in this post I'll only highlight a couple... Now when you zoom the canvas it's as smooth as butter and when you get close enough you can see the pixel grid.

Logos Lookalike

Neither inspiration or copying... maybe both, but I look at these as more like coincidences.

Searchme Visual Search

This is pretty interesting. It's the exact same interface as Apple's OS visual sorting mechanism but what's interesting is that it's been re appropriated to become Searchme's search results interface, visually displaying the web page associated with your query.


So what's really good about this site? Well... again, we have a language barrier but once you manage to get into the site, the design is dope, the navigation is pretty cool...

Air Force Experience

Check out this site for the Dutch Air Force. It's not in English and therefore you'll have to click around to really experience the site, but if you have the time to mess around, I suggest you check it out.

The Space Collective

A collection of some of the most interesting, eyebrow raising, life questioning images found anywhere... a must see!


FFFFound this funny poster within Shaz Madani's portfolio.

Planet Bubble

Came across this series of photographs from Creative Reviews commisioned photographer Jason Tozer. They are deep space images of newly discovered planets just outside out solar system...

Alex Trochut

Enjoy the awesome collection of works by illustrator/designer/type aficionado, Alex Trochut. I am getting kinda sick of the whole "blog style" portfolios...


I tend to lean away from most of the random design crap, but there's something about Nelson Balaban's work that's not quite as cliche... or maybe it is and it's just that I'm in love with the work he did for the "Computer Arts Project".