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DemoCamp tonight

We'll be presenting Paruba at DemoCamp tonight in Toronto. Come by and watch us do a live demo.

Cell phone shopping

Scanbuy let's you comparison shop with your cell phone. I am surprised Google, AOL or Yahoo haven't done this already.

TV pricing as a utility

DirectTV is offering a new package called Titanium. For $7500 a year you get everything on DirectTV...

Great minds think alike

Someone sent us this link about former Razorfish execs starting a company called Bond Partners. Quote from article: "...plan on running the new venture more like a law firm than a typical ad agency or consulting company...

World Cup Scores

I have been trying to keep up on the World Cup. But I found checking scores on FIFA/Yahoo's World Cup site impossibly difficult. and

I have written a review of the redesigns of and for the Canadian marketing blog Onedegree.


The whole T+L team wants to wish Redesign posted a redesign today. Looks pretty good. The CBC group does really great work in a challenging environment.

Innovation is the New Black

Jared Spool has written a great article on how Apple and NetFlix used innovation to create new markets and phenomenal revenue growth. I agree that CEOs get that innovation is integral to their business.

Can you see a difference?

Teehan + Lax designed remote control (May 2003) AT&T designed remote control (released May 2006) ... honestly, we're flattered.

Great moments in punditry

Happy New Year. It's always fun at the beginning of the year to try and predict what the coming year will bring. Here are a few predictions of what we think will happen in 2006.

The bubble is back

For our last email of the year we wanted to take a moment and reflect on 2005. It has been an interesting year.