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Designing for Outcomes

How often, when you begin an assignment, do you have a clear understanding of what outcomes are desired by your client? An outcome is different than a deliverable.

Lower the cost of failure

A while back I gave a talk on why UX was so difficult to do in the enterprise. I spoke about the empty box problem being a critical factor in determining a company's ability to do great UX.

Why we are getting rid of our hourly rate

Like everyone in advertising and digital marketing we are taught that our business is based on an accounting principle known as cost plus. Take all your costs (salaries + overhead) and add your profit.

Stand up and be counted

At this weekend's Digital Media Camp one of the most interesting topics was proposed by Justin Kozuch of Refresh Events. He asked what, as a community, we could do to assemble quality data on the Digital Media industry in Toronto?

Facebook Privacy Settings

I don't use Facebook much anymore so I just saw the new privacy settings prompt when I logged in today. Redesigning something as increasingly complex and widely used as Facebook is never going to be easy.

Kickin’ It With The Kindle

After last week's announcement of the Kindle coming to Canada I re-kindled (get it) a purchase decision I had started several years ago when I first saw a Sony e-Reader at CES. Here are my thoughts after spending 24 hours with the Kindle.

We Don’t Feel a Day Over 6

When Geoff and I started this company we were convinced it wouldn't last. I would always think of that line from Heat where DeNiro says "allow nothing to be in your life that you cannot walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you spot the heat around the corner".

48 hours with a Palm Pre

[Note: I have written this quickly and will clean it up over the next few days. I wanted to get some thoughts down prior to the launch.

Don’t you know this Canada Post?

First off I need to commend Canada Post on improving their Web site. I can actually find out what a stamp costs for the 4 times a year I send a letter.

Why I think Palm will make it

A few months ago we were talking about Palm in the office. I was lamenting how much I loved my old Treo.

Image Spark at IN|09

We'll be demoing Image Spark at IN|09 as part of the Best of DemoCamp session. When: Thursday March 19, 2009 Where: The Carlu, 444 Yonge Street, 7th Floor, Toronto Also presenting....

LinkedIn Applications [goodness]

Just released LinkedIn Applications... so good to link my Slideshare and our Blog right into LinkedIn.