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The era of RIA

I am quoted in a article on Rich Internet Applications. Also, our BBF Mike McDerment from FreshBooks is featured as well.

Outsourcing your advertising

I found this ad online. This is the ad, there was no animation, just this frame.


A new design and technology store in Toronto called Function13 has opened. Can't wait to check it out this weekend.

MeshU Presentation

I want to thank Mike McDerment and the whole Mesh group for doing such a great job with the conference. I got a lot of grief from David Crow for doing my usual, swoop in, present, swoop out.

Looking for stories

I am looking for stories from creatives and clients on your best and worst experiences selling or buying creative. If you are a creative director I want to know your number one tactic/trick for getting a client to buy a piece of creative.


I will be speaking at MeshU on May 20. I am planning on doing something really special for the presentation because, to be honest, I am totally intimidated by the other speakers.

It’s Us or The Bus

Air Canada: for $35, we'll let you talk to customer-service reps who can actually help you with a cancelled flight In what alternate universe does Air Canada exist? I can only imagine the internal rationalizations as they came up with this idea.

Only two spots left

As part of my speaking at ICE 08 I am doing One X One sessions with registered attendees. According to my schedule there are only two spots remaining.

Let’s get Ice-y

On Friday, March 28 I will be speaking at ICE 08. Actually, I will be on a panel with...

Who owns Social Media?

Recently, Digg hired Allen & Co. to "explore its options" which is how Investment Bankers say "for sale".

Sonics own

If you have spent any time on "": you've become familiar with the team templates that seem to be league mandated. If you haven't seen them check out...

37Signals unapologetic not arrogant

photo from ArsTechnica 37Signals is profiled in this month's Wired. It paints a picture of some very talented and intelligent people who come across as supremely arrogant.