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Engagement [Jargon Watch]

A new word for your buzz word bingo. Engagement - Instead of measuring clicks or impressions, engagement mapping aims to track how many times a person comes across an ad on the Web, and correlate that to actions taken down the line.

Movie Infographic – Oscar’s Day After Treat

The infogeeks over at NYTimes have put together a great graphic of movie box office returns since 1986.

Covering the Toronto Fire

pic by flickr user JL1967 It has been a tough morning getting to work with a major fire burning a block or two from the office. What's been tougher is getting coverage.

RIM should buy LinkedIn

There has been a lot of talk about LinkedIn (IPO, News Corp buyout, Facebook buyout). Jim Balsillie just gave a presentation at the GSMA World Congress saying that the future of business communications lies in social networking.

David Crow… Superstar

David Crow has been nominated Toronto's best tech evangilist by BlogTO. I first met David when he was floating the idea of running a BarCamp here in Toronto.

Apple asks for opinions

In all my years of being an Apple Customer they have never solicited my opinion. I received an email today to participate in a survey.

He said what?

Time has done a nice job with this infographic of the most recent State of the Union address. Each word is scaled in proportion to how many times it was said in the speech.

Bad grid systems

Andy Rutledge has a good article on why some grid systems have gone bad.

Phillipe Starck: Why Design?

I really want to hate Phillipe Starck. Every time I see his designs I appreciate them but I don't want to love him.

Constraints and Creativity

It has often been said that constraints drive creativity. This article talks about how the "Golden Age" of Hip Hop was driven by the constraints of technology.

UX Fund Matures Today

It has been one year since we started the UX Fund. We are working on a long wrap up post but today at 4:30 pm will mark the end of the experiment.

Designedge covers T+L

There is an article in Designedge about T+L. You can find it in the October 23, 2007 news section (there is no direct link).