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UX Fund Update

Yahoo Finance updated their system and broke our stock feed so you can't track the UX Fund live right now. As of last night the fund was up 33.94%.

My “Expression Around the Clock” Presentation

Microsoft were kind to put my speech on the tubes last night. I can't bear to watch it out of humiliation so let me know what you think.

Stop trying to kill the iPhone

Verizon is launching a very sleek touch screen phone from LG called the Voyager. "We think it'll be the best phone ...

Expression Around The Clock

I am speaking on Thursday at the Microsoft event "Expression Around The Clock". I will be speaking along with Bill Buxton.

Mark Ecko’s Subversive Genius

Is Mark Ecko the best marketer of our time? After winning a Lions for his video where he tags Air Force 1.

Please stop

Eric Schmidt from Google decides it's time to define Web 3.0.

My Faves

This is the latest campaign we created for TELUS. Go get your own fishbowl , put it on your site or your Facebook page.

Sliced Bread and Cows

Many people don't like Seth Godin because he is responsible for the term Viral Marketing. Some people don't like him because of his bald head.

The Break Up

A great video showing how consumers just aren't feeling the love anymore...


I attended a dinner hosted by Microsoft last night to talk about Silverlight. I will try to get more in depth thoughts down later but here is the topline Pros Workflow is amazing Designers and programmers can collaboratively work on files at the same time using XAML.

Best of Both Worlds

The biggest question mark on Apple's iPhone is the no keyboard design. While it allows for a really large screen, no one knows if it is the best solution for typing.

AOL Music Rocks!

Some shameless self promotion... We worked with AOL Canada to design the new AOL Music site earlier in the year.