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The Great Divide

I wanted to try and sum up the presentation I gave at Interaction Camp. There are notes from the talk here.

PGR finally comes around

Progressive Insurance has been in the red since we bought it for the UX Fund. It always confused me since I felt they were doing all the things we believed made a great company.

Geoff leaves for Cannes – RAWR

Geoff is off to Cannes to judge the interactive portion of the advertising festival on behalf of Canada. Our heart goes out to him, having to endure the lavish parties thrown by media properties and production companies in the south of France.

Interaction Camp Tomorrow

A reminder that I'll be speaking at Interaction Camp tomorrow at 10:45 am. I'll be talking about "The Experience Divide: Why Some Companies Excel at Great User Experiences and Others Don't".

Pixelmator’s gorgeous UI

Stunning UI for a photo editor. Can't wait to try it.

Palm Foleo guaranteed to disappoint

Can someone explain to me as a mobile professional why I would want to buy one of these?

What if Craigslist had video?

Interesting new site for video classifieds. I like the way people are selling the story behind the item, rather than just the item itself.

Article in UXMag

I have written a piece on Abundance and UX for Check it out!

Yes, but how many clicks did it get?

Ars Technica has an interesting story on the "psychology of banner ads". Researchers at the University of Chicago ran some interesting experiments showing how banner ads can change people's brand perceptions even if they never click on them.

Flight Status Notification = Useless

Signing up for flight notifications on airline sites is a total waste of time. Last night while flying from Boston to Toronto I asked to let me know if my flight was going to be delayed.

Helio Ocean UI

The guys at Gizmodo posted a comprehensive walk through of the UI for the new Helio Ocean. I think with all the hype around the iPhone we can forget that there innovations still occurring in the mobile space.

Yahoo! spring cleaning

Yahoo! is doing some spring cleaning. They announced today they would be "retiring" Yahoo!