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Interaction Camp, June 2, 2007

I'll be speaking at Interaction Camp in Toronto on June 2. I'll be talking about "The Experience Divide: Why Some Companies Excel at Great User Experiences and Others Don't".

Google’s Big Mistake

Google has announced that it will begin to serve TV ads. It makes sense that Google would continue to extend the expertise and disruptive innovation its brought to the Internet to TV, but I think this is a big mistake for Google.

Stop talking and start designing

GM is attempting to "dialogue" with youth (side bar - and by youth they mean people 20-35. I am so flattered GM considers me a youth).

Greg Bolton on CityTV

Catch our very own media whore, Greg Bolton, talk about Web advertising on CityTV. While we know CityTV is everywhere, they could have interviewed Greg indoors instead of in -38 temperatures.

BMO Mosaik

We worked with BMO on their Mosaik MasterCard on this site in the summer and now it is live. Mosaik is the only credit card where you can customize the rewards you receive.

Beautiful Newspaper Design

Geoff and I are always impressed with great newspaper design. I love these front page designs ...

Price Protectr

Here is a great idea for a site. PriceProtectr monitors sites with price guarantees and let's you know if the price of an item changes.

Part of the Landscape

Jesse McMullin has added us to his "2007 Business and Design Landscape". We're very grateful to Jesse (who we don't know) for putting us in the same group with companies we greatly admire.

Touch screen gesture based UI

I saw this orignally demoed by "Jeff Han at TED": It looks like Jeff has stepped out and started "Perceptive Pixel":

Someone is listening

Yesterday I posted on how I wish we could sell NFLX from our UX Fund. Today Netflix announced a new feature where users could instantly watch over 1000 movies and TV programs at no additional cost.

I wish we could sell NFLX

I instantly regretted adding NFLX to our UX Fund. NFLX is a company that has stopped innovating.

Adbrite is Alright

A very interesting new video product called Adbrite has launched. It is a great product for embedable video.