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Great Moments in Punditry part 2

So a year ago, I wrote "predictions for 2006". With the year winding down, let's see how I did.

Most Viral Video of All Time

MSNBC counts down the most viral videos of all time. This list is missing some notables...

UX Fund Pwns the Nasdaq

So far our UX Fund is outperforming the Nasdaq by almost double! We are up roughly 2.4% since November 1, while the Nasdaq has returned about 1.2%.

The UX Fund

Inspired by Jeneanne Rae and The Design Council we've decided to create a UX Investment Portfolio. Hypothesis Companies that deliver a great user experience will see it reflected in their stock price.

Starting a new practice: part 1

About a year ago, Geoff Teehan, Dave Barclay and I began talking about a challenge in our business. We were debating what our role as a company would be in marketing programs.

Jonathan Ive in Business Week

Businessweek has published a lead story on Jonathan Ive, head of Apple's design team. I thought this was interesting: "Ive invests his design dollars in state-of-the-art prototyping equipment, not large numbers of people.

Amazon Astore

Amazon has released a new offering to affiliates called Astore. It allows anyone to build a custom store of Amazon products, sell them and make a commission.

Speed publishing

This is one of the most interesting uses of technology to disrupt the publishing industry since Self publishing has been an interesting idea for many years but the promise always out paced the reality.

Eyetracking beatdown

Andy Rutledge takes a very critical look at the Poynter Institute's latest eye tracking study. The Poynter Institute is one of the more established, and generally, acclaimed sources for online journalism.


I love using the self-checkout kiosks at my supermarket. If you only have a few items they are quicker than waiting for a teller.

The “science” of user research

For the past few years we have been trying to convince clients the "user testing" isn't all its cracked up to be. Christopher Fahey has a great 5 part series called "User Research Smoke and Mirrors" pts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Give me a break

This is a fascinating article on how Kit Kat tried to introduce new flavors and overall sales declined 18%. The article blames the failure on bad product and ill conceived flavors.