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How Content Strategy Solves 3 Project Problems

By now most people working in the digital channel will have heard some of the buzz about content strategy. But unless you’ve worked on a UX project with a content strategy component, its exact role can be a bit of a mystery.

Three things about mobile content

What does the evolution of mobile mean for the discipline of content strategy? Last week I joined the masses of content strategists, editors, marketers, and developers who met in Chicago for WebContent 2011: Going Mobile.

What do we mean by ‘content’?

Back in 2007, pioneering content strategist Rachel Lovinger defined the main goal of content strategy as “to use words and data to create unambiguous content that supports meaningful, interactive experiences." Her mission blossomed into a new discipline, and in terms of defining the 'why' of content strategy the rest is history. Passionate arguments for why the world needs content strategy abound, with IAs and ux designers advocating for it as well.