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Should you play it safe with location-based social networks?

Last week Forrester released a report advising most marketers wait to use location-based social networks (LBSN) as only 4% of the US population is currently using platforms such as Foursquare (the current market leader), and that the networks skew heavily male. They advise that brands that target young males experiment with the services and other brands adopt a “wait and see” approach.

Setting the stage for Old Spice to own the Internet

A lot of ink has already been written about why Old Spice owned the Internet last week, and I don’t want to rehash the various aspects that RWW has covered, and Dave Stubbs has mentioned, among others, but what I feel is missing from the conversation is how it all started. My friend Leigh Himel deconstructed what the brief could have looked like, and I think it’s worth expanding on to describe how the campaign set the foundation for success.

Developing Digital/Social Personas to Start your Social Strategy

As the social space matures and companies recognize that they can no longer afford to ignore the “fad” that is social media. A common theme we keep hearing is: who and where are people who want to communicate with us, and whom we should be listening to and focusing our content development on?

Speaking at SMX Toronto

I'll be on a panel at SMX Toronto this Friday: Search and Social - Insight and Inspiration. The panel will be moderated by Alexa Clark and feature a cross-section of smart folks - Leona Hobbs from Social Media Group, Jeff Quipp of Search Engine People and Ilya Grigorik from Postrank.

Location, Location, Location

Cross-posted from the Applied Arts Wire, Image c/o Steve Rhodes. Location-based mobile services (such as Gowalla, Foursquare and the recently launched Check In) are all the rage in the social media sphere these days, and I participate in one of them, Foursquare, to keep track of my buddies around town and on occasion get a good tip on a restaurant or bar I haven't been to or a discount for being the "Mayor" somewhere.

Facebook and Google and Traffic, Oh My!

The Internet is a buzz with the news that Facebook has surpassed Google in the number of visits per week. The social sphere is hailing the news as another reason social trumps "traditional", in all respects, including "traditional" digital.

Our social networks are becoming our portals to the web

With the news last week that Facebook visits have topped Yahoo! visits (via Compete), it's seems to be increasingly clear that our social networks are becoming our new "web portals" for finding relevant news and information - the difference being that instead of being corporately-curated, they are peer-curated.

Managing your corporate reputation in a 2.0 world: presentation

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Acuity Forums "Executing Social Media" conference today in Toronto about corporate reputations in our hyper-digital age (aka social media). It's a variation on a talk I've given a couple of times over the last few months that seems to resonate with a lot of marketers and customer service folks as they try to navigate the new reality of the social web and "always on" communications.