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8 years and still changing

On Saturday we celebrated 8 years in business. As I’ve said in past anniversary posts, this was not by design.

If I had to pick a word to characterize this past year I would say “change”. This year has had more change than previous years. We have a lot of new faces (Matt, Norma, Andy, Simon, Peter, Kyra, Pierre, JSB, John K). Sadly, we also said goodbye to some long time T+Lers (Stubbs, Shannon, Steve, Paul, Zack, Joan).

Dave Gillis became a partner, Jeremy Bell became a dad (and by default I became an uncle) and Geoff won a hard fought battle to build a home for his family.

Change is part of life and you take the bitter with the sweet.

One of the biggest changes we made, was moving our office. The studio at 460 Richmond Street West was just too small for what we needed going forward. When we moved into 460 Richmond it seemed huge. It was a great office, amazing location in a nice building. It hosted the first BarCamp in Toronto, which eventually spawned the various unconferences around the city. It was the scene of a rather unfortunate incident that we are just beginning to be able to laugh about (*ahem Jer*). Despite serving us well we had outgrown it and needed more space. Change.

So we thought that in this anniversary post we would share some shots of the new office as a symbol of our change.

Designed by: Roy Banse Design

But with all the change one thing is constant, our thanks to those who work here and the clients who let us do what we do. Thank you.

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