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9 years

Yesterday marked our 9th year in business. Every year I write an anniversary post (8,7,6) and try to reflect on where we are at and what we have learned over past year.

After 9 years we have made the transition from a start up to an established business. So much of our identity was wrapped up in the idea of us being a scrappy upstart that it is tough to admit we aren’t that anymore. This past year we came to terms with this fact.

The company we are today is interested in, and capable of, taking on much larger challenges. We spent a lot of time this year thinking about where the digital channel is going over the next 2-5 years and we are shaping ourselves towards that.

As Bob Marley says, “in this great future you can’t forget your past”. We can’t change without remembering what got us here.

When Geoff and I started this company it was because we wanted to do great work. We didn’t want to become Creative Directors who were abstracted from the work. We wanted to be creating the work. So we built a company that allowed us to do that. That still is at the heart of this company. As Geoff says “great artists ship” and that is something we hold very dear. We love creating epic work. We love it when other companies create great work.

A lot of you have probably used our various PSDs. We get a lot of thanks from the community of developers and designers for these tools. I often respond to these thanks with “You’re welcome – Now go make epic shit”. Colloquialism aside, it is ultimately what I think, we are all in this business to do.

So after 9 years I need to thank the clients who give us the opportunity to do great work for them and their users. I need to thank all the people, past and present, who have worked here to get us to 9 years. Happy birthday to us.

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