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Adobe Creative Suite 4

Available for pre-order today the new Adobe Creative Suite boasts a ton of new features across all platforms, however in this post I’ll only highlight a couple…

Now when you zoom the canvas it’s as smooth as butter and when you get close enough you can see the pixel grid. Useless to designers who work outside of the realm of screen res, but now digital designers can be accurate right down to the pixel. And lord knows, love is in the details.

But I think the more interesting of these new functions is what Photoshop is calling Content Aware Scaling. Normally when you scale an image horizontally or vertically, each pixel is literally stretched so that the final image is distorted. This relatively new technology, which Adobe actually bought from another development, does something completely different. Something that actually makes the scale tool useful. When stretching an image, a very complex algorithm carefully selects which pixels to stretch and which not to stretch. Meaning, that you can stretch a photo without it actually looking distorted. See below.

As smart as this tool is, it’s still not perfect. But I’m sure we can find some humor in applying it to such images like close cropped portraits. Below is a very informative video published by the software company that originally developed it.

- Greg Washington

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