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Android 2.3.4 GUI PSD (High-Density)

Yes, we <3 Android, too!

One of the challenges of an ever-changing digital channel, is that we find ourselves spending more and more time designing for various platforms and form factors. One such platform is Google Android. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise: a survey conducted in June, 2011 found that among consumers who plan on buying a smartphone in the next 3 months, 32 percent prefer an Android-based smartphone. This is a significant increase from 3 percent just a year ago. Both brands and designers should take note of the rising popularity in Android-powered devices as consumers continue to embrace this platform.

To help improve our design workflow (and hopefully yours too) we made a fully vectorized Android GUI PSD. The template is based on the most popular screen size (normal) and pixel-density (high) using the default Android skin as the baseline. And as always, we’re sharing it with everyone at no charge. All we ask in return is a shout-out in the form of a tweet. The PSD requires the Droid Sans font which can be downloaded from Font Squirrel.

Download PSD (Android 2.3.4)

License: This file may ONLY be used for mocking up Android apps. No, it can’t be used in a theme to sell or go in ads for your new app or use it to build your Web site. It is a tool for designers, that is it.

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