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Make T+L your Start-Up Open House Destination

Come on down to visit Teehan+Lax for this year’s edition of Start-Up Open House Toronto. That’s next Thursday, October 30, from 4-7pm (Entrance on East side of building) We'll be here to showcase and chat about some of the start-up work we've done recently and give you a hands-on tour of the lab.

Get More by Starting Right

Yesterday, David Murdico wrote for Ad Age about 5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Digital Agency. In the article, he discusses how brand managers can maximize the results they get from the professional service firms they hire.

Designing workspaces for creativity

It's been over a year since we moved into our new space in Liberty Village, and believe it or not, it's taken us about as long to finally settle-in. We really love it here, but always have ideas for improving things to make it even more of a creative and collaborative environment.

Framing possibilities: Touch Vision Interface

We don't normally cross-post Labs content, but this experiment is so cool we couldn't resist. If you haven't already, check out their latest (includes video) on the Touch Vision Interface.

Announcing the new T+L.com

Today, we are proud to launch a new online presence for Teehan+Lax! Digital is changing, and so are we.

Our Crude Social Media

Have you ever wished there was a mute button on Twitter? Or a way to focus on your real life social network in Facebook?

UXD shouldn’t drop out of school

In a recent essay, Andy Rutledge makes the claim that higher education UX design programs are effectively a scam. They are, Rutledge argues, largely irrelevant, misguided, even fraudulent in their fundamental approach—and therefore a waste of time and money.

Thoughts on “Can Experience be Designed?”

Lately, there's been some interesting discussion / debate about how meaningful or useful the term "user experience design" is. Oliver Reichenstein over at iA kicked things off with a simple but provocative question: can user experience really be designed?

Live and dead documentation

There are 2 kinds of documentation we often generate inside of an upfront strategy/IA process. Live documentation is any artifact we use to express design decisions we make along the way.

Tiered value-based pricing

Imagine that you were commissioning the development of a new home for you and your family. What would you look for in a bid from a contractor?

Modelling Content Strategy with Content Flow Diagrams

Content Strategy has recently emerged as "the next big thing" for digital designers and marketers. More than ever, businesses and brands are seeking to provide utility to customers, prospects and partners in the digital channel.

The Art & Science of Evidence-Based Design

Last year, I gave a presentation at MeshU that took a behind the scenes look at how we arrive at design decisions. We've since taken clients through variations of this presentation, which is always evolving because it corresponds to such a perennial and fundamental question in our field.