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We are The Net Awards Agency of the Year 2014

On Friday, we were named the 2014 Net Awards Agency of the Year. What makes this award very special is that it was awarded to us by our peers.

11 Years of Teehan+Lax

Oct 2nd marks 11 years of Teehan+Lax. This anniversary has the awkwardness of not being the symbolic milestone of the decade we celebrated in 2012.

Why we’re an XOXO Festival Patron (again)

Last year, I was intrigued by a Kickstarter started by Andy Baio for something called the XOXO Festival. The Kickstarter page at the time was pretty vague.

Subcompact Publishing meet Epic Storytelling

(This post originally appeared on Medium) On December 20, 2012 the New York Times released Snow Fall, The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek, a 5 part story of skiers and snowboarders trapped by an avalanche in Washington State’s Cascade mountain range. It is an amazing story reminiscent of Jon Krakauer’s, now famous 1996 Outside Magazine piece, Into Thin Air.

Our Walking Dead (aka ImageSpark)

History In September of 2008, one of our designers, Greg Washington, began discussing a frustration he had. When starting any design project he would assemble a collection of images.

10 Years of Teehan + Lax

10 years ago today, Geoff and I started this company. The two of us and one employee, a designer who previously worked with us at Modem Media, started that first day in an office we shared with another design firm.

Bon Voyage et Bonne Chance

This week 4 of our co-workers are in Cannes for the 59th International Festival of Creativity. But what makes this special is that all 4 earned their way to Cannes by winning young creative competitions.

Readability + iPad Retina

Here are some pics of Readability on the iPad 2 (left) and the "new" iPad (right). You can see how well the new screens render Hoefler & Frere-Jones amazing fonts.

9 years

Yesterday marked our 9th year in business. Every year I write an anniversary post (8,7,6) and try to reflect on where we are at and what we have learned over past year.

Our partnership with Readability

Earlier this year we were working on an update for our iPad app TweetMag. We were having some issues with how the app was retrieving content.

The Digital Brief

For the past few months we've been discussing the role of the brief when it comes to digital marketing programs. We found that traditional creative briefs provided so little value that we just didn't use them.

8 years and still changing

On Saturday we celebrated 8 years in business. As I've said in past anniversary posts, this was not by design.