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We make things. You, reading this, make things; directly or indirectly. We work to make and support things.

Why Does This Exist?

We work in a world where seemingly existential questions like this blog post title are not only essential, but entirely measurable. Asking, "Why does this exist?" is how we look beyond the myopia and make real sense of the work that we create; some call this getting real.  When we ask, “Why does this exist?” we're really asking, "What are we trying to do and how are we going to prove it worked?".

It’s OK to Fail

I've been taking UBC's Creating and Managing the Analytical Business Culture, a course focused on the non-numbers side of measurement & analytics; culture, frameworks, etc. I was inspired by this particular line from the text: You want to “fail small” in a test and find out something will not work so you don’t “fail big” when there is a lot of money on the line.