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Cannes: Day 1


Today was my first day of judging at Cannes. Contrary to popular belief there are no parties yet, though I’m told that will change. For now, it’s just 10 hour days in a judging room – And for good reason. The 2007 Cyber Lions consist of more than 2700 entries from around the world.

Admittedly it felt like a slow start, having personally only made it through 106 entries. Thankfully, the jury has 25 members to split the initial effort. That, and we have a few more days of judging then discussing what will be finalists. Then the tougher decisions come around what will ultimately be awarded bronze, silver and gold.

It’s too early to be saying I’ve seen gold for anything yet in those 106 entries – but maybe one or two worthy of some hardware. I’m looking forward to what tomorrow brings. Until then, bonne nuit.

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