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Fun and Games

Often times my friends and family ask how we get any work done, here at Teehan+Lax. Based on the stories they hear from me – it’s all fun and games! And guess what? It is. But as it turns out, that’s not a bad thing.

In the new presentation (:30 minutes in length), Tim Brown demonstrates how, as adults we learn to fear the judgment of our peers. He explains how professionals need to relearn how to be playful in the work place. Go back to the things we learned as a child: Exploration, Building and Role Play.

Quickly conducting several games from the stage to the audience, Tim demonstrates how as adults we:
• self-edit as we are coming up with ideas – our desire to be original is a form of editing
• forget to be open to the questions: what is it? AND what can I do with it?
• need to use the materials around us to get our point across (lots of great prototyping examples in the last half of the presentation)
• should “try-on” experiences, as a form of role play

I can’t say that in this day and age we’d ever go as far as the Peyote tests conducted in 1960s (another example cited by Tim) to get over our adult habits. But luckily, at T+L we don’t need to.

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