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Affordances matter

This isn’t news, but the shift key in iOS 7 is broken. That is to say, it is functional, it just doesn’t work.

The State of In-Car UX

We are surrounded by bad design. You witness it when you’re taking cash out of an ATM.

iOS 7 GUI templates will ship inside of Sketch 3

I'm really excited today to share the news that our iOS 7 GUI template is going to ship natively in Sketch 3 (Sketch 2 shown above). No longer will you need to Google 'iOS GUI Sketch' and download the file from our site.

Developing Design

Oftentimes, the word “design” is seen as being synonymous with “appearance.” It is with this mentality that many companies run their businesses – separating design (or appearance) from development (functionality). However, in the world of interactive and web design, functionality plays an equally significant role in the design process.

Prismatic for iOS & Why designing content systems is hard

Earlier this year, we partnered with a startup in San Francisco called Prismatic. We were asked to help them redesign their product.

Hello, and Welcome to MovieFone

Many customer service tasks can be automated, but there still remain a handful that are best handled by a person. Disputing a bill, negotiating a fee, changing a flight booking - you still need to get on the phone with someone.

Migrating to iOS 7

Last month, Apple unveiled iOS 7, surprising the iOS industry not only with the direction of the changes in the new OS, but also in their magnitude. A whole new visual look-and-feel and an extensive suite of new APIs.

5 Things to Know When Designing for iOS

Based on our experience creating great iOS apps, we've come up with a list of 5 things we believe designers should keep in mind while conceptualizing interfaces for iOS. While the focus of this article is only on iOS apps, much of the advice here translates directly to other mobile platforms.

Sustainable Digital Ecosystems

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this Ted Talk by Dan Barber I saw a while ago about a sustainable fish farm. It’s called Veta La Palma, an aquaculture farm located in Spain.

iOS 6 GUI PSD (iPhone 5)

Of all the iOS GUI Photoshop documents we've created over the past 4 or 5 years the one for the iPhone is by far the most popular. We take these things pretty seriously because we use them on a daily basis ourselves.

Designing With Code

With an increasingly complex array of platforms and screen resolutions, it's time to embrace the creative capabilities of HTML5 + CSS3 and make development part of the design process. While I've spent most of my days in the creative department, I actually started my career as a developer.

Designing (and converting) for multiple mobile densities

With Apple leading the movement, phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop displays are rapidly increasing in resolution. This is wonderful for everyday mobile users, as the quality of their device screens become sharper and allow them to better experience the finer details of an application.