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How-To: Socket.IO & Swift

Note: I am not an iOS developer. I’ve only recently dived into Swift.

Krush iOS Architecture

At Teehan+Lax, we’ve been working on a project called Krush for several months now. Krush is an interesting application from an iOS architectural standpoint because it touches on a lot of common areas that iOS newcomers have questions about.

Developing Design

Oftentimes, the word “design” is seen as being synonymous with “appearance.” It is with this mentality that many companies run their businesses – separating design (or appearance) from development (functionality). However, in the world of interactive and web design, functionality plays an equally significant role in the design process.

Model-View-ViewModel for iOS

If you've been developing iOS applications for any length of time, you've probably heard of Model-View-Controller, or MVC. It's your standard approach to building iOS apps.

Custom UIViewController Transitions

Update: As of iOS 7.0, interface transitions in landscape orientation are in a dire state. Read more about it. This article focuses on portrait-only transitions.

Implementing a Bouncy UICollectionViewLayout with UIKit Dynamics

We’ve previously discussed using UIKit Dynamics to make realistic-feeling interfaces by applying the physics simulation to instances of UIView in our interface. In that article, we mentioned that a UIView is only one example of a concrete implementation of the UIDynamicItem protocol, alluding to the fact that another class conforms to the protocol.

Introduction to UIKit Dynamics

iOS 7 is a real conundrum. It juxtaposes its smooth, platonic interface elements with the physical realism of making those elements respond realistically to user interaction.

Introduction to UIMotionEffect

When Apple announced iOS 7, they presented the world with a much "flatter" design than iOS 6. Gradients and shadows were muted, replacing some of the key elements of the operating system which were traditionally used to convey a sense of depth.

Adopting iOS 7 APIs

iOS 7 changed the game in terms of application design and development. We've already released our iOS 7 PSD in order to help designers get a leg-up on the new visual feel, so let's go ahead and explore some of the new APIs that developers need to adopt.

Simple Android Networking

Labs projects and experiments tend to be coded in a very messy way. This is not surprising, as the nature of rapid prototyping is fast and ever-changing.

Reproducing the iOS 7 Mail App’s Interface

iOS 7 introduced a whole new visual layer applied to its existing information architecture. One of the more interesting changes it made to the familiar gestures was how it augmented the swipe-to-delete gesture in the Mail app.

When to Drop iOS 6 Support

iOS users tend to update their phone's operating system quickly – probably due to the over-the-air update system. We know from experience that when iOS introduces new features, users expect apps to take advantage of those features as soon as possible.