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Digital media roundup

An article in Advertising Age asked a panel of digital experts for their thoughts on the biggest trend or challenge in today’s online space.

Not surprisingly, many of the answers pointed to the evolution of online video. Obviously, that’s a huge question that we’ve written about here before. It’s also especially top-of-mind right after the Super Bowl.

Many people also talked about the need to coordinate across all channels and eliminate the walls between them and help create a more unified connection to the consumer. That’s an issue that we think about every day here at Teehan + Lax, so I was glad to read those comments.

But I think the best response was this one, from Coca Cola’s Shane Steele:

“One key challenge for marketers is to determine how to evaluate and choose from the ever-expanding new-media and advertising options. While there is simply not enough time and resources to take advantage of every opportunity, it’s imperative that marketers evolve with the changing media landscape.

“The ideal is to identify and test new platforms that offer a first-mover advantage, that are measurable and that can be scaled effectively to deliver a significant return on investment. From a process perspective, this requires risk tolerance, rigor and speed, which can be significant challenges for organizations to overcome.”

Bingo. I don’t think you could ask for a better summary of web marketing 2.0.

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