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Expression Around The Clock

I am speaking on Thursday at the Microsoft event “Expression Around The Clock“. I will be speaking along with Bill Buxton.

Originally, David Crow wanted me to speak about workflow. Workflow and process are incredibly boring so instead I am going to talk about how we, as an industry, cling to outdated business structures and ways of working. I hope to prove this by explaining how we ended up with the structures and work methods we have today and hopefully prove why I believe they are becoming obsolete.

For those of you who have been in the industry for a while (i.e. pre-boom) sit back for a little trip down memory lane. For those kids out there (i.e. post-boom) who always wondered where account managers come from and why are they always messing with your designs, I’ll hopefully have some answers.

The event is free and is almost sold out. Tell your boss you need to go see Bill Buxton, because they won’t let you out of work to see me.

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