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Facebook and Google and Traffic, Oh My!

The Internet is a buzz with the news that Facebook has surpassed Google in the number of visits per week. The social sphere is hailing the news as another reason social trumps “traditional”, in all respects, including “traditional” digital.

Well, yes and no. It really comes down to understanding the psychographics of how people use the various platforms.

Google is an intent-based system, not really a discovery-based system. Google isn’t there to maximize your page views; they want you in and out of their platform with the most relevant results. They aren’t doing their job if you spend 30mins browsing to find something useful.

Facebook on the other hand is about keeping your attention. The only way they do this is by connecting you with the collective consciousness of your friends. It’s all about discovery. Discovering the best product, the best band, the best dog park. All curated by the people (and brands) you choose to connect with.

This works at the top of the purchase funnel when I’m trying to decide what kind of spring dress to buy, or I want to be inspired. When I actually want to buy something however I’m much more likely to head over to Google and try and find an online retailer.

Nothing is black & white and it’s good to remember that each Internet property serves a purpose depending on our needs at that moment in time.

Facebook has more page views? Great, that means they’ve done their job. Google is dying? Hardly.

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