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Facebook Privacy Settings

I don’t use Facebook much anymore so I just saw the new privacy settings prompt when I logged in today.

Redesigning something as increasingly complex and widely used as Facebook is never going to be easy. People are going to complain. I’ve always felt bad for the slamming Facebook takes on UI design but unfortunately I’m about to pile on.

Here is the default screen for Facebook privacy settings

Facebook privacy

OK, pretty straightforward except what are my “Old Settings”? I setup my Facebook account a few years ago I have no clue what those settings are.

I looked at this screen for a minute or two and then by accident my mouse hovered over the radio button and it revealed what the old setting was.

[Note: sorry I didn't grab a screen cap at the time and now I can't get to this view again. ]

Why would you put a rollover on a selected radio button? I have no reason for my mouse to go near a selected radio button since there is no action I can do on that form widget.

Their account view of Privacy Settings reveals this info quite elegantly. Not sure why they wouldn’t use this for the initial prompt screen?

Privacy settings in Facebook

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