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Feel the pain


We’re excited to let you know that in the next few weeks we’re going to be releasing a product. We’re not going to reveal what it is yet but we wanted to discuss some of the challenges we’ve had getting it out.

We have always discussed building something for ourselves. We had attempted to build off our PVR report and create PVR software but abandoned the project when our client work overtook us.

In December we came up with an idea for a Web based product. We began to design it and look for some programmers to help code it.

Since this is what we do for a living we thought it would be a trivial matter to design and build a site for ourselves. Here is what we have learned:

  1. Things don’t get done in “spare time”… doesn’t happen. And “making time” is just something people say. Unless you can slow the rotation of the earth you can’t make time.
  2. You need to feel the pain. We were very busy with client work in the beginning of the year and every time we sat down to work on our project it would get pushed for the business. We learned that an incumbent business model will always take precedence over a new business model. As a result our heart just wasn’t in the fight.

    To do it properly, we needed to reduce our workload by half. This would have meant less revenue. With payroll looming you become pretty motivated. We would have finished in a fraction of the time because failure would not be an option.

  3. Building a product would seem like a natural thing for a company like us but it wasn’t a natural act. We are built to service clients and as a result turning that inward wasn’t easy for us. It is the reason our Web site hasn’t changed in 3 years. Or as the saying goes, “the cobbler’s children have no shoes.”

Having been through this process once we have learned a lot about ourselves as a company and the product development process.

Stay tuned for our launch announcement.

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