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Flight Status Notification = Useless

Signing up for flight notifications on airline sites is a total waste of time. Last night while flying from Boston to Toronto I asked to let me know if my flight was going to be delayed. As soon as I signed up I received an email letting me know that my flight was delayed 20 minutes (from 6:10 to 6:30)…

Air Canada Notification email

When I got to the airport I saw my flight was now delayed to 7 pm. Thanks for the heads up Sitting in the waiting area it was once again delayed to 7:10…. Once again no head’s up from My flight didn’t leave until 8:30 pm but as far as my notifications were concerned I was only 20 minutes delayed.

Two things are broken in this experience

1) has limited awareness of delays. So right there that feature is completely neutered.

2) Airlines do not delay/cancel flights until the last possible minute. How many times have you sat in the waiting area watching your flight time come and go and only after was the flight officially “delayed”? Since you need to be at the airport an hour or two ahead of time and flights get delayed at the last possible minute, this feature does not line up with the business.

Flight status notification is completely useless.

Jon at Logan
Me pissed off at Logan

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