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Guerrilla Usability Testing


The team at Clearleft launched a new application called Silverback. Essentially, it’s user testing software that allows you to capture screen actions as well as audio and video of participants.

There’s a free trial, or you can just check out the video demo to get a sense of it’s capabilities. Pretty slick.

I can imagine they had some challenges with this application. Not because of the complexities involved in designing or building it, but because doing something outside of your core business practice takes serious commitment (they’re an experience design firm, not a software developer). No doubt the two have similarities but It mustn’t have been easy leaving paying jobs on the table. I applaud them for making the leap – it’s a great idea and a solid execution.

We’ve gone down these roads roads before with little success. Our PVR report was well received but when we tried to actually build it we couldn’t commit the resources to it. We did it a second time with Paruba. Again, long term commitment was an issue. We’re actually about to venture into it again, albeit with a different approach. Hopefully with the same success as Clearleft.

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