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I wish we could sell NFLX

I instantly regretted adding NFLX to our UX Fund. NFLX is a company that has stopped innovating. Not long after adding them I watched CEO Reed Hastings on 60 Minutes, give one of the most uninspired interviews. When Lesley Stahl questioned him about the future of NFLX he didn’t have much to say. I knew we had made a mistake.

Blockbuster has managed to jump ahead of them with their Total Access program by allowing customers to use mail and in-store returns so they don’t have to wait for new releases.

Literally from the day we bought NFLX, Blockbuster has outperformed and out innovated.


We made a mistake adding NFLX. With the addition of Apple’s iTV making it even easier to get downloads to the television, NFLX needs to start innovating.

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