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iPad GUI PSD - Version 2

iPad GUI 2

Now in its second iteration, this version of the template has been completely redesigned from the ground up.

Based on the recent 4.2.1 update, it includes all the elements you need to design proof-of-concepts or production ready assets. The last version of this file was riddled with issues like blurry edged buttons and incorrect “bevels”. These issues have been addressed as best they can using Photoshop’s shape layers and layer styles. If you’re modifying any of the vector elements be sure the shapes are sitting on full pixels or your assets will begin to look blurry.

Pay whatcha’ like

We’ve always just created this file for ourselves and shared it freely. It takes a good deal of time to create and maintain but it saves us a lot of effort on projects and pitches – we hope it does the same for you. So, this time around we’re asking anyone who actually gets some use out of it to pay whatcha’ like. Hate it? Don’t pay anything.

UPDATED: A new version of this file available here

License: This file may ONLY be used for mocking up iPad apps. No, can’t be used in a theme to sell or go in ads for your new app or use it to build your Web site. It is a tool for designers, that is it.

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