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Latest Additions at Teehan+Lax

I’m very pleased to formally announce two new additions to our crew today. The first is Ash Furrow, an outstanding iOS developer. Also joining us (again) is Kate Bowen, who did a good stint here a couple years back.

Seeing as Kate is a copywriter, I asked her to write a little something about Ash and herself to put here on our blog:

– – –

We are excited to welcome Ash Furrow, a new member to the Teehan+Lax family, and considerably more excited to welcome returning member, Kate Bowen.

Ash moved to Toronto from New Brunswick to work as an iOS developer and lead the iOS team at 500 Pixels for a year and a half, shipping their iPhone and iPad apps. After working closely with (but mostly just watching) the designers, Ash became more involved in design and photography. He also began a podcast on software design with two others… It was alright.

Kate grew up in our hometown of Toronto—we love that about her. She first joined Teehan+Lax back in 2007, where she called it a home for just shy of four years. These years are often referred to as the golden era of T+L. After flying the coop two years ago to explore working with different mediums like print and radio, many tears were shed (by us). Kate pretty much helped us to grow into the company we are today, so it’s nice to have her back.

Ash co-authored a book on Objective-C development (whatever that is) and has just finished another on collection views, a new technology in iOS. Kate single-authored enough short-stories to make up a beautiful, emotionally moving and intricate book that someone will probably adapt into a screenplay one day.

– – –

We’re looking forward to great things from them–even Kate.

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