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Let’s get Ice-y


On Friday, March 28 I will be speaking at ICE 08. Actually, I will be on a panel with…

Todd Henwood, Associate Creative Director, Publicis Modem
Warren Tomlin, Chief Creative Officer, Fuel Industries

It will be moderated by our BBF David Crow.

The topic…

CONVERGENCE: Interactive Marketing Channels

Interactive marketing has transformed over the last decade, as email, search and social media strategies become mainstays and new capabilities are offered by emerging channels. What does the near future look like as they innovate and converge, and how do you measure their success?

I promise I will bring my A game and make it is interesting as possible. And Crow always asks great questions.

I will also be part of the 1×1 sessions where you can sign up and get some mano a mano time with yours truly. If you sign up, I will bring my world famous chocolate chip cookies, so basically you have no excuses.

See you there.

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