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Obama’s Real Marketers

Beating Apple by almost a 10 point margin, Advertising Age has named Obama for America Marketer of the Year 2008. But there’s more than well-executed marketing behind the campaign’s success.

It’s been well documented that Obama’s team has leveraged new media to spread his campaign’s message, raise funds and mobilize a massive volunteer effort. What’s equally as important however are the parallel guerilla campaigns to aid and promote Obama. Efforts like Shepard Fairey’s HOPE graphic (above), which was a seed for Artists for Obama, and DJ Z-Trip’s Obama mix are just a couple examples of these unsanctioned, grass root initiatives.

Like Apple, the Obama campaign’s evangelists are the real proof of their marketing’s success. After all, fancy branding and progressive media won’t get you anywhere unless it compels Joe Average to carry your message for you.

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