Planning isn’t just a phase I’m going through.

As a planner, the most intensive period for me on any project used to be in the kickoff and upfront strategic direction phase. Increasingly, and by design, I stay highly engaged throughout the creative process.

Prismatic for iOS & Why designing content systems is hard

Earlier this year, we partnered with a startup in San Francisco called Prismatic. We were asked to help them redesign their product.

The dev is in the details.

Developers. They’re logicians, mathematicians, forecasters and teachers all wrapped up in one kick-ass co-worker. They live, work and play on digital’s frontline, and are pivotal partners in the creative development process; partners that, if included early on, can greatly enhance your chances of creating and executing an idea that will be successful in the digital space.

The Iceberg of Jobs-to-be-Done

When you're starting to design a new product, or redesigning an existing one, the most important thing you can do is validate that the problem you are trying to solve is meaningful, important, and shared by a large enough group of people that a solution is likely to succeed in the market. However, there are two significant challenges to overcome.

“Best Work”

I was asked today if I thought I was doing my best work. “Best work?”, I thought, “what does that even mean?” I feel that, at Teehan+Lax, I’m encouraged to do the best work I’m capable of in the moment and to expand those capabilities so I can do even better work tomorrow.

Hello, and Welcome to MovieFone

Many customer service tasks can be automated, but there still remain a handful that are best handled by a person. Disputing a bill, negotiating a fee, changing a flight booking - you still need to get on the phone with someone.

GitHub Fundamentals

Last week, I gave a talk at FITC SCREENS discussing GitHub for Designers. You can find the slides here.

11 Years of Teehan+Lax

Oct 2nd marks 11 years of Teehan+Lax. This anniversary has the awkwardness of not being the symbolic milestone of the decade we celebrated in 2012.

Custom UIViewController Transitions

Update: As of iOS 7.0, interface transitions in landscape orientation are in a dire state. Read more about it. This article focuses on portrait-only transitions.

Implementing a Bouncy UICollectionViewLayout with UIKit Dynamics

We’ve previously discussed using UIKit Dynamics to make realistic-feeling interfaces by applying the physics simulation to instances of UIView in our interface. In that article, we mentioned that a UIView is only one example of a concrete implementation of the UIDynamicItem protocol, alluding to the fact that another class conforms to the protocol.

Introduction to UIKit Dynamics

iOS 7 is a real conundrum. It juxtaposes its smooth, platonic interface elements with the physical realism of making those elements respond realistically to user interaction.

Introduction to UIMotionEffect

When Apple announced iOS 7, they presented the world with a much "flatter" design than iOS 6. Gradients and shadows were muted, replacing some of the key elements of the operating system which were traditionally used to convey a sense of depth.