Adopting iOS 7 APIs

iOS 7 changed the game in terms of application design and development. We've already released our iOS 7 PSD in order to help designers get a leg-up on the new visual feel, so let's go ahead and explore some of the new APIs that developers need to adopt.

Why Does This Exist?

We work in a world where seemingly existential questions like this blog post title are not only essential, but entirely measurable. Asking, "Why does this exist?" is how we look beyond the myopia and make real sense of the work that we create; some call this getting real.  When we ask, “Why does this exist?” we're really asking, "What are we trying to do and how are we going to prove it worked?".

Simple Android Networking

Labs projects and experiments tend to be coded in a very messy way. This is not surprising, as the nature of rapid prototyping is fast and ever-changing.

Reproducing the iOS 7 Mail App’s Interface

iOS 7 introduced a whole new visual layer applied to its existing information architecture. One of the more interesting changes it made to the familiar gestures was how it augmented the swipe-to-delete gesture in the Mail app.

Killing Big Strategy

I started working at Teehan+Lax a year ago. I am often reminded by Dave Gillis, one of the partners here, of something I said shortly before I was hired: "Any good Planner or Strategist worth their salt can look at a complex problem, go away for a month, dig up some insights, and craft a compelling argument around why we should build a certain set of tactics to solve it.

When to Drop iOS 6 Support

iOS users tend to update their phone's operating system quickly – probably due to the over-the-air update system. We know from experience that when iOS introduces new features, users expect apps to take advantage of those features as soon as possible.

It’s OK to Fail

I've been taking UBC's Creating and Managing the Analytical Business Culture, a course focused on the non-numbers side of measurement & analytics; culture, frameworks, etc. I was inspired by this particular line from the text: You want to “fail small” in a test and find out something will not work so you don’t “fail big” when there is a lot of money on the line.

How to Start Developing for iOS 7 Now

iOS 7 is still in beta and will stay unreleased until the Fall. In the meantime, developers have their hands on the new OS and the iOS 7 SDK.

Migrating to iOS 7

Last month, Apple unveiled iOS 7, surprising the iOS industry not only with the direction of the changes in the new OS, but also in their magnitude. A whole new visual look-and-feel and an extensive suite of new APIs.

Checklists for Creative Work

If you have worked in a creative discipline long enough, you have no doubt had to deal with a project that didn't turn out the way you hoped. There are many reasons why expectations and outcomes can become misaligned: poor client/agency communication, unable to reach consensus on key decisions, blown timelines, losing sight of the objective, spending too much time focusing on the wrong things, etc.

Why we’re an XOXO Festival Patron (again)

Last year, I was intrigued by a Kickstarter started by Andy Baio for something called the XOXO Festival. The Kickstarter page at the time was pretty vague.

Getting Started with ReactiveCocoa

Note: This is going to be a slightly more technical post geared toward our friends in the iOS developer community. In my previous post, I covered high-level aspects of ReactiveCocoa, the Objective-C framework that allows developers to write apps declaratively.