Shifting Our Thinking for a Day

What happens when a developer, a project manager, and a designer are all put into a room together with Arduino software, a USB cable and a Grove kit? We found out, and called it Hack Day.

Functional Reactive Programming on iOS with ReactiveCocoa

Note: This is going to be a slightly more technical post geared toward our friends in the iOS developer community. Objective-C is a programming language which often finds itself mired in the antiquated ways of C, the programming language upon which modern Objective-C is built.

5 Things to Know When Designing for iOS

Based on our experience creating great iOS apps, we've come up with a list of 5 things we believe designers should keep in mind while conceptualizing interfaces for iOS. While the focus of this article is only on iOS apps, much of the advice here translates directly to other mobile platforms.

Welcome to the new

I had to go back and look to be sure, but this is now the 7th iteration of It's by far the biggest departure we've taken and quite a bit different from a traditional design agency site.

Latest Additions at Teehan+Lax

I'm very pleased to formally announce two new additions to our crew today. The first is Ash Furrow, an outstanding iOS developer.

Lessons in Learning: Creating a Functional Prototype

Modern web and browser technologies are now capable of supporting features that give us the ability to build websites that go beyond hyperlinked media. In a recent project, we had the opportunity to create a web-based product for a client.

Sustainable Digital Ecosystems

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this Ted Talk by Dan Barber I saw a while ago about a sustainable fish farm. It’s called Veta La Palma, an aquaculture farm located in Spain.

Subcompact Publishing meet Epic Storytelling

(This post originally appeared on Medium) On December 20, 2012 the New York Times released Snow Fall, The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek, a 5 part story of skiers and snowboarders trapped by an avalanche in Washington State’s Cascade mountain range. It is an amazing story reminiscent of Jon Krakauer’s, now famous 1996 Outside Magazine piece, Into Thin Air.

Our Walking Dead (aka ImageSpark)

History In September of 2008, one of our designers, Greg Washington, began discussing a frustration he had. When starting any design project he would assemble a collection of images.

iOS 6 GUI PSD (iPhone 5)

Of all the iOS GUI Photoshop documents we've created over the past 4 or 5 years the one for the iPhone is by far the most popular. We take these things pretty seriously because we use them on a daily basis ourselves.

10 Years of Teehan + Lax

10 years ago today, Geoff and I started this company. The two of us and one employee, a designer who previously worked with us at Modem Media, started that first day in an office we shared with another design firm.

Designing With Code

With an increasingly complex array of platforms and screen resolutions, it's time to embrace the creative capabilities of HTML5 + CSS3 and make development part of the design process. While I've spent most of my days in the creative department, I actually started my career as a developer.