Designing Apps using Open Data

Government open data presents a number of opportunities for citizens, designers and elected officials. Using the TTC transit system here in Toronto, I would stand amongst other commuters on a cold winter day and watch as someone would step impatiently off the curb, press off their heel and try to get a glimpse of any streetcar on the horizon.

What do we mean by ‘content’?

Back in 2007, pioneering content strategist Rachel Lovinger defined the main goal of content strategy as “to use words and data to create unambiguous content that supports meaningful, interactive experiences." Her mission blossomed into a new discipline, and in terms of defining the 'why' of content strategy the rest is history. Passionate arguments for why the world needs content strategy abound, with IAs and ux designers advocating for it as well.

The Science of Nightclubs

This past Friday, we had the pleasure of welcoming nightclub sociologist Yale Fox to the studio. Those of you in Toronto may know Yale as a DJ, but he's since uprooted to New York City and been named a 2011 TED Fellow for his research around why humans love music, particularly its effects on our behaviour in nightclubs.

Writing for the web: Conversation is the key

Start a conversation In the past writers wrote traditional ads for a collective broadcast, as people viewed ads together gathered around the TV or radio. Now we’re an audience of one; we surf the web in solitude, so the experience must be more of a one on one conversation.

Announcing the new

Today, we are proud to launch a new online presence for Teehan+Lax! Digital is changing, and so are we.

Introducing Labs

The digital industry is experiencing turbulent times at the moment. That’s a good thing.

Ideas that inspire T+L

TV: passive to active? Have our attention spans become so short that we cannot simply watch a TV show without posting our thoughts or looking up info on our phones?

Can the mobile wallet beat the hype?

Depending on your level of involvement in the digital industry, you might not have heard of near field communication (NFC) or you’ve heard so much of it you’re starting to wonder if it’s all hype. NFC relies on an underlying technology that wirelessly identifies objects from a short distance through tags that are inserted into pretty much anything.

TweetMag 1.1 for iPad - Reveal the best of Twitter

TweetMag started with some ideas of how content can be aggregated and consumed on today's devices and platforms. One thing we always wanted to explore was not only new browsing and consumption patterns but also how content producers could be compensated for their work.

The Race to the Bottom for Native Apps

Now that Apple's iOS platform has had a few years to mature, it has become a major source of revenue for the company, having recently announced that they've paid out $2 Billion to developers. But is that enough? There's certainly amazing potential in terms of revenue for certain apps — those that have a wide appeal, can reach a global audience and are novel concepts.

Designing Faster with a Baseline Grid

Lately, grids have become the ultimate obsession of designers and design writers. Hundreds — not to say thousands — of articles, tutorials, books and websites solely dedicated to grids and their application in (web)design have been published in the last few years.

How to Design Pixel Perfect Photoshop Files for iOS Apps

Here's a quick Photoshop setup that helps us make better design decisions when designing for iOS devices. The primary thing to keep in mind here is that designing for a device like an iPhone, especially one with a retina display, using only a computer monitor leads to a good deal of guess work due to the differences in pixel density.