Ideas that inspire T+L

Building on some industry trends we have previously noted, there are a few marketing ideas that have recently caught our attention. Useful campaigns Campaigns and apps that are inherently useful make a more impactful UX.

Little Things Matter

When it comes to building a web experience, most of the effort is typically put towards the tactical objectives that aim to satisfy business and user requirements: Users should be able to easily browse products and buy them; The business should have the capability to manage marketing campaigns; Users should be able to easily move laterally between similar products. Every agency, no matter how big or small has to solve these same problems, and that will never change.

Ideas that inspire T+L

As we look to the new year, we’ve collected some inspiring digital marketing pieces and analyzed trends within the industry over the course of 2010. We believe that for a campaign to be successful it should have certain elements to capture a user’s attention and involve the user in an active UX.

Our Crude Social Media

Have you ever wished there was a mute button on Twitter? Or a way to focus on your real life social network in Facebook?

iPad GUI PSD - Version 2

Now in its second iteration, this version of the template has been completely redesigned from the ground up. Based on the recent 4.2.1 update, it includes all the elements you need to design proof-of-concepts or production ready assets.

Is gamification the future of marketing?

If you’re reading this right now, there’s a chance you might wake up in a few years with a new job title: Chief Engagement Officer. If you’re wondering what that means, I highly recommend checking out Gabe Zichermann’s work.

iPad Sketch Elements AI

The iPad GUI PSD has been very helpful for designers / developers in mocking up their apps, although in some cases it's proved a little too high-fidelity. For rapid prototyping we found we needed a more malleable approach.

The Digital Brief

For the past few months we've been discussing the role of the brief when it comes to digital marketing programs. We found that traditional creative briefs provided so little value that we just didn't use them.

How do we create meaningful experiences?

Think about your favourite brand. Does it pop into your head right away?

Interaction Design is the new Art Direction?

Earlier this month at the RGD DesignThinkers conference here in Toronto, I checked out a talk by Khoi Vinh, former Design Director of the New York Times. Having spent many years directing design of, he saw the Web evolve from a landscape of hypertext to one that's much more interactive and engaging.

UXD shouldn’t drop out of school

In a recent essay, Andy Rutledge makes the claim that higher education UX design programs are effectively a scam. They are, Rutledge argues, largely irrelevant, misguided, even fraudulent in their fundamental approach—and therefore a waste of time and money.

Thoughts on “Can Experience be Designed?”

Lately, there's been some interesting discussion / debate about how meaningful or useful the term "user experience design" is. Oliver Reichenstein over at iA kicked things off with a simple but provocative question: can user experience really be designed?