TweetMag: A first glimpse

It's been about 6 weeks since we started working on our first product; TweetMag. We thought we'd lift our heads from its design and development just long enough to share a screenshot with you.

How To Spice Up Your Marketing

Over the last few weeks I’ve received a lot of feedback on our move to an Adaptive Marketing approach. One of the recurring questions has been around how it works.

Our first product: TweetMag preview

For the past 8 years we've struggled with what to do when we had a product idea that wasn't related to a client. In the beginning, we'd simply let these ideas go and forge ahead with our client service work.

iPhone GUI PSD Version 4

Updated: Get the Retina version here. Now in its fourth iteration, this version of the template has been completely redesigned from the ground up.

The Practice of Adaptive Marketing

Since I posted our announcement about the Programs Group moving to an Adaptive Marketing approach there’s been a lot of curiosity and spirited discussion. My main takeaway is that people agree with the need for change and want to talk more about this model.

Designing for iOS4′s screen resolution

The updated platform uses a higher resolution screen (960x640 as compared to 480x320). This additional resolution also means that any graphic elements need to be designed twice.

Developing Digital/Social Personas to Start your Social Strategy

As the social space matures and companies recognize that they can no longer afford to ignore the “fad” that is social media. A common theme we keep hearing is: who and where are people who want to communicate with us, and whom we should be listening to and focusing our content development on?

Adaptive Marketing

Many of us entered the interactive industry because it was fast-paced, exciting and highly innovative. We saw an opportunity to help change the way business was done, and in so doing help consumers in fresh and engaging ways.

iPhone Sketch Elements AI

The iPhone GUI PSD has been very helpful for designers / developers in mocking up their apps, although in some cases it's proved a little too high-fidelity. For rapid prototyping we found we needed a more malleable approach.

Designing for Outcomes

How often, when you begin an assignment, do you have a clear understanding of what outcomes are desired by your client? An outcome is different than a deliverable.

Live and dead documentation

There are 2 kinds of documentation we often generate inside of an upfront strategy/IA process. Live documentation is any artifact we use to express design decisions we make along the way.

Design Disasters: AMC’s Simulated Butter Dispenser

We come across a lot of bad design in our everyday lives, both online and offline. For most people, it tends to go unnoticed as they browse the Web, shop for groceries, drive their cars or dispense your own butter on your popcorn at the movie theater.