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Palm Pre GUI PSD


We still love pitching iPhone ideas but the Palm Pre offers us another way to present ideas that connect our clients with their customers. In light of this fact, we put together another PSD to help our designers pitch and develop polished concepts using a tool their pretty familiar with, Photoshop.

It’s put together in a similar fashion to the iPhone PSD, in that the elements are built with vectors for easy editing and scaling. We tried to capture most of the common GUI elements but inevitably we’ll be updating this as we use it more ourselves.

Update: We’ve been asked to remove the zip file that included the webOS font Coconut. The updated PSDs require CS4 and their corresponding font.

Requires Coconut
PalmPre PSD (Coconut)

Requires Avenir
PalmPre PSD (Avenir)

Props to Matt Fukuda for suggesting we do this. Additional thanks go to Finn O’Hara for the photo.

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