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Presidents & CEOs: Become a new customer every year


For several years we’ve said that a “company’s CEO has the greatest impact” on customer experience. We’ve said that when a CEO is the most demanding customer of their own product, it shows.

It’s a recurring theme we’ve seen from people like Bruce Temkin at Forrester.

I don’t think many senior level executives have any idea what it’s like to become a customer of their company. They’ve become out of touch the experience as it exists today and rely on internal and external analysis to understand the experience their providing. Analyzing the experience is a great step to take in bettering whatever it is you do but it doesn’t replace experiencing it first hand.

More senior level executives need to take the initiative and become a new customer of their company every year. By doing so they’ll have a much better sense of the type of experience they’re providing their customers. In time they’ll also be able to see the impact their decisions are having.

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