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Preview 2: An introduction to Image Spark

Today we’re going to start revealing some details about our upcoming product, Image Spark.

We’d describe it as a creative resource pool that helps you collect and find great examples of design. In addition to traditional tagging it also incorporates a unique way to let you organize these images using moodboards – more on these in a later post.

While we think it’ll be a great tool for many creative professionals, we’re really building it for ourselves. Most of the designers here, myself included, often find things online that we look to later for inspiration. Bookmarks don’t always cut it because often times it’s just a part of something we’re viewing that we like or find inspiring. We collect photos, typography examples, data visualizations, interface elements, etc. by taking screenshots or saving images on our desktop where they’re eventual thrown into a folder for later perusal. Essentially, this tool is going to allow us to capture any image, from any site and instantly upload it to the community based site.

Here’s a first look…

Next week we’ll be sharing some more work in progress. Until then, get on the mailing list at the preview site. We’ll notify you the second it launches and will be inviting a few people from the list to try it out pre-launch.

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