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Preview 3: Image Spark Moodboards

So far, the response to Image Spark has been really positive (even though we haven’t revealed a whole lot). So we think it’s time to show a little more. Image Spark’s Moodboards.

Moodboards are comprised of a collection of images arranged on a canvas. The images can be positioned, layered and scaled using a simple interface – so simple that there really isn’t much of an interface at all. While its uses are entirely up to you, we think they’re a great way to explore and set a visual direction for your projects. The screenshot below shows an example of how you can add images of colour, type, textures and objects into a composition that can help visually describe a desired aesthetic.

Get on the mailing list if you haven’t already at the preview site. We’ll notify you the second it launches and will be inviting a few people from the list to try it out pre-launch.

For those who missed previous posts on Image Spark you can find them here: Preview 1, Preview 2

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