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Preview 4: Uploading to Image Spark

We continue to make excellent progress on the development front of Image Spark, though it’s still too early to give an actual release date. However, what we can provide you with is look into how you’ll upload images to it.

There are 3 different methods to upload images. We’re going to try and get all of them ready for the public launch but the private beta will likely only include one or two of the following.

1. Browser Upload

Not much to hype about here. Just browse for an image file through your browser, add meta data and upload it. It’s the least attractive of the three methods but it doesn’t require a plugin or software installation. It’s good for images you may have already saved locally, but beyond that, the other methods are superior.

2. Browser plug-in

This plug-in will enable a contextual menu when using Firefox. Just right click an image, choose the “Upload to Image Spark” menu item and the system will launch a window of the image and provide fields for you to describe, tag and provide source information for it. This plug-in will be for Firefox only.

3. Mac menu bar application

This application ties into your Mac’s screen capture utility. Simply choose the selection type you want by using the menu bar app or customizable hotkeys. Once your image selection is made you can add your meta data and upload. It’s great for capturing stills from movies or images from Flash-based sites. For launch it’ll be Mac only, sorry PC.

We’re still taking signups on the preview site.

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