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Public shaming of


How is it that in a time where everything is so connected and information is passed at such lightning speeds, people continue to steal, rip and defraud other members of the design community? As if somehow they’ll be able to get away with it. Yes, the internet is a big place, but its communities are still very small and well connected.

It’s obvious we didn’t design the original iPhone interface, therefore, we own no rights in respect to the recreation of its elements. But we did put in a lot of time and effort to produce the original iPhone GUI PSD, and we did it for the betterment of the community, for aspiring iPhone designers and developers everywhere, including ourselves.

Like any royalty free photography or stock vector artwork, they are designed to be used, shared and reused, all with the ethos of helping one another out. All we ask is for a little accreditation to compensate our donation of time.

The fact that the design community responded by celebrating our efforts with a ton of praise, actually motivated us to continue building more helpful tools like the Palm Pre GUI PSD.

But others looked upon our efforts with evil and greed, and took what we produced, switched up a couple small details and republished our efforts for their audience without a single bit of accreditation. A bold move from a website that’s been trusted by their readers for the originality and usefulness of their content.


There are a number of things that made it evident they didn’t create their own. The folder structures, layer names all remain the same. The dead giveaway was when they used our custom iconography.


Update: They’ve since removed the file and replaced it with separate flattened elements. Still no response from them though clearly they’ve seen this post and the related tweets.

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