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Redesigning John Hancock Funds


We want to congratulate John Hancock Funds on going live. This site represents the first major update in 6 years. However, JHFunds is starting to embrace a release often mentality. In fact, there is already another build in development.

We’re excited to see how this redesign affects John Hancock’s broker sold fund ranking. Currently they’re ranked 32nd with an objective of becoming a top 10 player. Since we won’t see those results for awhile we thought we’d talk about the three things that made this project a success for us:

A process that focussed on visual documents rather than written ones.

Like all of our projects, we start designing early. We still needed to understand business and user requirements, but only at a high level. The final requirements were outcomes of the Information Architecture and Design and were held within those documents. In the past, we found people were more likely to understand an interaction by seeing it visually as opposed to reading about it.

A client who valued quality over budget and timeline.

This doesn’t mean that budget and timing weren’t factors, it just meant quality was typically the deciding factor.

A development team that was involved through the entire process.

Involving the developers early, whether they are ours, theirs or 3rd party, is always a critical success factor. It ensures any technical requirements are fed into the designs and that there are no surprises come build.

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